The version of black scenario form 1989-91, 2002-03 was repeated. However, that fall in the turnover was deeper. The reasons of present slum were mostly perceptible by the real estate agencies, where the staff is numerous. Because, it is not easy to cut expenses by the dismissing the workers trained for long years. As usual, the small offices, in which often worked the small family group, managed in the best way.

In Silesia and Zagłębie, after the years of golden age, the prices of selling properties caught the balance. People do not buy the flats in buildings, which still are under the horizon. Hast has been replaced by deliberation and cold calculation. New flats in the biggest urbanized areas may be acquired below 4 thousands PLN by sq.m, often with bonuses in the form of extra furnishings. Even more cheaper is in the smaller cities, below the 30 thousands inhabitants. The last time in Będzin, the flat was a bargain, someone bought it for 75 thousands PLN by 32 sq.m.

Tenements went up in prices. Four-storey building, with shops, locates in the Center of Katowice, cost 12 millions PLN; for the similar outside the center- 5 millions PLN. It is the expense of about 1, 5 millions PLN, for new houses in Katowice, with the floor area of 150-200 sq.m. , built in the last years.

In Mysłowice, Bytom, Zabrze and Dąbrowa Górnicza- it should be paid about 1 million PLN for that houses. For health and fresh air the Silesians and people form Zagłębie traditionally go to the Beskid Śląski and Żywiecki. People are interested in new chairlifts, bicycle lanes and agriculture in Wisła, Ustroń, Szczyrk and Korbielów. In resorts, it costs a lot more for ground.

For 10 ares plots it should be paid 200 thousands PLN in Wisła, Ustroń, Szczyrk, 100 thousands PLN in Jeleśnia, 60 thousands in Istebna.  Prices of new apartments in Wisła, with the view on the mountains, start with 6 thousands PLN/sq.m. It is expensive, because there are not many plots for development. In the Beskid, it is hard to sell houses from the 70-80 years of past century, because the style of architecture and the layouts of the flat do not fit in with present standards.

The unchanging interest has the old flats at price about 3, 5 thousands PLN/sq.m. From chronicle duty, it is necessary to note the reducing of money stream by the side of new emigration. I wish my mate the revival of real estate market in new year 2010, what for sure will cause general improvement all public feeling in business.

Jan Juda
Universal Katowice, Ustroń
Source: Property Jornal Polska Giełda Nieruchomości 12-01/10