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Bargain year for investors

The year 2009 was the bargain for investors on the commercial market, especially for that having considerable contribution in cash. Czytaj więcej

Silesia and Zagłębie - stable market

The passing year was difficult for the real estate market. Czytaj więcej

A difficult year for non-governmental organizations

Such is our experience of the passing year. Czytaj więcej

A year of stagnation in the commercial property market

Year 2009 is characterized by almost total stagnation in the commercial property market. Czytaj więcej

The crisis year in the primary market

The passing year has been undoubtedly one of deep crisis in the primary housing market. Czytaj więcej

Time for Public-Private Partnership

A lot of factors indicate that the property market and its surroundings have seen some very positive changes this passing year, as – most probably – another market cycle comes to its completion. Czytaj więcej

A lost year

Despite media exposure, consultations with the society and numerous announcements, the Ministry of Infrastructure has not submitted to the Polish Parliament any proposals of amendments to the Building Code and the law on planning and spatial development. Czytaj więcej


The feeling of general uncertainty accompanied the whole property market throughout this year, resulting in most businesses abruptly putting their proactive activities on hold. Czytaj więcej

Not a bad year for mortgage lending, but socially difficult

The mortgage lending results, measured by the activity of lenders and borrowers, regardless of gloomy prophecies of market crash in 2009, are not at all as tragic. Czytaj więcej

Poland’s Property Tax Needs Modernization

This year’s world conference of the International Property Taxation Institute was held in Warsaw at the end of June 2009. Czytaj więcej

End-of-year reflections Bonarka City Center - the biggest shopping mall in this part of Europe

„The Bonarka shopping mall is, first and foremost, a meeting place of capacity of 100,000 clients in any given moment” – said Sendor Damian, the President of Hungarian TriGranit, investor and majority shareholder, on the Grand Opening Day. Czytaj więcej

Hard Times for Real-Estate Professinals

The long decline in housing market in USA has a huge impact on once thriving real estate professionals, many are forced to change professions or to look for supplemental income. Czytaj więcej

Apartment vacancies highest in 22 years

In 2006 most experts expected that apartment rental market would be booming in the coming years. Czytaj więcej

Warsaw Retail: Mind the Gap

New retail development? Sounds unrealistic given the current economic circumstances. However, we should start planning it now so that the leasing and completion stages coincide with the economic recovery over 2011-2013. Czytaj więcej

Reasons of slump in Great Britain

The multiple system of making deposit is for banks the basic and the simplest mechanism of making money. Bank takes money from customers and then lends this sum to the others. Almost each credit comes back fast to the bank in the form of the deposit (for example, someone pays for a car using the credit money; and the dealer, who sells a car, obtains some money and transfers this sum to the account). Czytaj więcej

Property commercialisation

In 2008 the investment market in Poland registered a significantly lower volume of transactions than in the last three years. As a consequence of the turbulence in the world’s financial markets, fewer active investing entities and a limited debt market for significant transactions, resulted in a systematic increase in yields. Czytaj więcej

Establishing the legal status of real property: A formality, or the key element for determining the property’s value and price?

What is the most important thing for a buyer while taking a decision to buy a piece of real estate? Price would expectedly be quoted by everyone. There are more elements to it, however – some of them of an equal relevance to the price itself. Why? They namely inform determination of the property’s real value, as part of compiling a comprehensive valuation survey. Thereby, they contribute to shaping the property’s asking price and subsequently, transaction price. Czytaj więcej

WGN at Expo Real 2008 Fairs in Munich

From 6 to 8 October, 2008 took place the 11th Internacional Commercial Property Exposition in Munich. Czytaj więcej

Investment Properties Catalogue – WGN Group 2008

Investment Properties Catalogue Group WGN 2008- designed for inviting MIPIM Fairs in Cannes in France. Czytaj więcej


WGN Real Estate is Poland’s biggest real estate company and one of the biggest in Europe, operating on the market for 16 years. In the WGN group there are around 360 employees in 40 offices in Europe. The database contains over 30000 offers of real estate purchase and rent which lead to almost 3500 transactions in 2005.WGN issues 4 of its own monthly bulletins containing real estate offers of WGN. In addition it has its own professional catalogue – the ”Investment Property Catalogue” containing information from abroad markets.WGN specializes in all kinds of real estate, especially in commercial and residential real estate. Czytaj więcej

14th REFE in photos

14th International Real Estate and Investment Fair REFE, held April 21-23, 2006 in Wroclaw (Poland) turned out to be a huge success. Attendance of 292 exhibitors (16% increase in comparison with previous edition) from 11 countries is an evidence of increase of interest with this prestigious event as well as wide offer of Organizers and professional organization. REFE was visited by ca. 6000 guests from 34 countries - half of which were accredited attendees. Czytaj więcej

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