WGN – Real Estate offers joining the WGN Group based on franchise contract. Franchising is a service, goods or technology providing system based on close and ongoing cooperation between legally and financially separate autonomous enterprises: a franchiser and his individual franchisee.

A franchisee obtains absolute right to use a trade name of franchiser, their logo and trademark, know-how system and business running methods. Franchiser should provide their franchisee with commercial, technical, legal and administrative support. A contract regulates the manner in wchich specific services or goods are sold, defines rights and obligations of both sides. Franchise systems operate mostly in services and trade, rarely in manufacturing.
In Western Europe franchising is a highly valued way of running a business. In Poland lack of information on franchising constitutes a significant barrier for franchise business development. It is worth noting that the homeland of modern franchising homeland is the USA, where in mid 19th century the company Singer created a chain of independent distributors. In the beginninig the car companies and beverage manufacturers were the pathfinders. After World War II the franchising business flourished with spectacular success in branches like oil industry, hotel and gastronomy business, clothing, footwear and cosmetics. Now one in each twelve of small american companies is a franchisee. In the 70`s appeared a new franchise type, based on new rules: independently operating shops and service providers, some of them as small chains were incorporated into a franchise system, adopting its business runnig methods. It is refered to as conversion-franchising and has won recognition mostly in estate agencies and travel agencies. Data analysis regarding franchising proved, that the best progress occured in countries with seller’s and free market economy. Most of franchise systems operate in the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Germany and Italy.
Franchising as a functional modern network system is now the fastest progressing way to run a business in globalization environment balancing freedom with safety.

Following is our offer for a WGN franchise abroad